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 Class: Tattoo Sleeve

Temporary tattoos( removable tattoos),also known as skin tattoos and fingernail decals are probably the most vivid,easy and cost-efective alternatives for the real permanent tattoo.Place the tattoo adhesive side down directly onto the skin. Thoroughly wet the back of the tattoo with water. Wait about 30 seconds and then gently slide the paper away.The tattoo is transfered to your skin.Should the tattoo need to be removed prior to its natural erosion, rubbing alcohol and/or cold creme generally provide satisfactory results.


Tattoo sleeves are incredible works of body art. They're basically a tattoo or series of tattoos that wrap completely around the arm.A full tattoo sleeve,which covers an arm from shoulder to wrist,is rather spectacular.  


Tattoo Sleeves are another alternatives for the real, permanent tattoo.You can choose to go with a temporary tattoo,but it's only temporary.However,the Tattoo Sleeves will last for months, and that may not be temporary enough for some, while it may be too permanent for others.

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